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The Best Motion Graphics Tools You Should Know About in 2021

Welcome to the world of Motion Graphics. This blog is dedicated especially to those who love graphics. Plus, for those who have just arrived in this fun industry, and I promise that this article will be of great interest to newbies, everyone should know more about what industry they are working on and what the trending tools these days are.

1. Adobe Photoshop

photoshop for motion

A basic tool for all motion artists and graphic designers in the design industry to edit software and has far more capabilities. You can do the following tasks in Photoshop:

One can increase the size of large images.

Cut out the pictures on the pictures.

By using various filters and advanced tools you can create designs.

2. Adobe Illustrator

illustrator for motion graphic

Illustrator is another popular tool for motion detectors in the design industry. It is exactly the same as Photoshop at the moment, with a wide variety of functions in Illustrator. The big difference is that Photoshop works with a bitmap, while Illustrator is a software editor (Vector Image) entirely.

I hope you guys know the word “Vector Image.” If you don’t, let me tell you. A vector image is a file that you can scan that file seamlessly without capturing it.

In addition, Vector Image is an integral part of the graphics flow in the creation of logos, layout, and vector background. Additionally, you can easily import files into AE animation material.

3. Adobe After Effects

after effects for motion

After Effects is a great tool for movement designers. If you want to understand as a Motion Graphic Artist, you will have to learn Adobe After Effects. The flexible and flexible nature of AE makes it a favorite among animators.

AE is a 2.5D animation software that allows you to design, modify, integrate and live in 2D and 3D space. After creating a newsletter and your stuff in Photoshop and Illustrator, you can put your work together in AE to live it up and use it as a clip.

AE not only helps with 2D animation; and works with 3D objects. Hundreds of plug-ins and other third-party plug-ins such as Effect browser, Timeframe, and Composition panel let your imagination turn into a motion picture art.

Here’s some example of work done using the combination of After Effects and Photoshop

4. Cinema 4D

cinema 4d for motion graphic

Let’s get into the world of Cinema4D. Motion graphics artists prefer Cinema 4D more than other 3D tools (Maya, 3DS Max, Blender, etc.) due to its simple and easy-to-use nature makes it popular.

Cinema 4D features a variety of features, and its compatibility with a few different GPU acceleration engines helps you provide the highest quality 3D models on your computer screen.

In addition, Cinema 4D is widely used in the world of Motion Graphics for modeling, animation and simulation effects. In fact, “Cinema 4D” is a hot topic, and of course, you’ll find Cinema 4D in all Hollywood studios and local studios out there.

5. Red Giant

red giant for motion graphics

The software was introduced by the company Maxon an amazing software for motion designers. This software helps you to create unique visuals, and even if an artist is asked to complete projects within the allotted time, the red software is very similar.

Popular plug-ins coupled with red software help to create outstanding results for your projects in a short amount of time, acting as an addition to this favorite tool.


What are the basics of motion graphics?

Motion Graphics are mostly used to show data, numbers etc. it’s like a “live infographic” if you’d like to give it an alternative name. Animation – usually has characters and very often reminds more of a real life drawn situations. it can be realistic and unrealistic and can be 2D or 3D but it will usually imitate a real life behaviour.

How hard is it to learn motion graphics?

Very easy to learn from YouTube and Skillshare. Once you will learn this then it hardly takes 20 or 30 minutes to make these motion graphics. Not just that, you can do many more VFX-related work in after effects.