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How long does it take to create a 60-second 2D animation?

The time required for making a 60-second 2D animation is around four weeks from briefing to the animation stage. It may vary as we have to make a preview of the project initially to get feedback from the client. This feedback process may further go back and forth so that you get the best quality.

Can we speed up the production process?

Yes, the speed of the project can be increased. However, it may also surge the project cost. Creating the best result takes time, so it is better not to speed up the process.

How is motion design going to benefit my company?

As motion graphics videos are highly interactive, they can help your company in various ways like:

  • It amplifies brand recognition
  • Motion design widens your user reach
  • Motion graphics videos increase traffic on your website.
  • It provides a better insight into your products and services.

How much does it cost to produce 60 seconds animation?

Our price structure includes costs related to everything from storyboards, style frames to voiceovers. Although it is a competitive price in the industry, you can avail of our graphics design and animation services starting from $1000. We are always at your disposal!