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As per a Facebook study, watching a motion graphics video for even 10 seconds is enough to drive purchase intent and build awareness.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics are a set of animations in a digital artform where objects or text move to create the illusion of motion. We excel at creating stunning motion graphics that help in captivating user attention and deliver your brand message clearly.

2D Character Animation

Characters or cartoons help your brand connect to the users on a more personal level. These 2D animated characters can be linked to various objects to precisely narrate the intended meaning behind the visual content. We have experts that can curate the most meaningful animated content for you.

3D Animation

The more realistic your content, the better will be your user interaction and retention. 3D animation is a cutting-edge technology that makes your visual content almost real. With 3D animation, you can offer your audience more of an immersive experience while fulfilling your goal. We use smart animated techniques to provide you with the ideal 3D content.

Social Media Post

There is nothing above social media for marketing, right! What if you could add motion graphics to your social media posts? As social media video posts have 135% greater organic reach than photos, adding motion graphics to them will surely boost their potential. This is where we come in. We can help you create brilliant social media posts for amplifying user attention.

Broadcast Package

If you like to rebrand your new business or want to create appealing YouTube videos and webinars, broadcast packages are your best bet. Broadcast packages can suit as your needs as they consist of customizable templates with text and image overlays, graphic animation, & special effects. Other than that, we also provide graphics elements like seamless transitions, lower thirds, and opening titles. We can create stunning broadcast packages for your webinar or live stream.

Visual Loop

If you have ever noticed in a concert or a live performance, there are graphics playing on the screen in the background. These are basically visual loops that are synced with the music playing in the background. The motive of these loops is to add ambiance to the ongoing performance. They are usually of short duration. We can help you generate the mind-blowing visual loops for your stage shows or concerts.