Cesar’s Recruit Asia Season 3

Cesar, together with Season 1 winner and assistant trainer, Ethan Loke, welcome the 8 aspiring recruits
at the Academy. The recruits are quickly thrown in a rapid-fire assessment
to find out who among them have instinctive skills and the potential to be the leader of the pack.


Create website mockup, and endtag video for CRA3. The website will be hosted inside subaru.asia website, so we have to create the same structure of the previous website.

Client: Subaru Asia
Agency: Eye Creative Group
Art Direction: Marco Bresciani
Designer: Handy Mulya E
Motion Graphic Designer: Handy Mulya E

We create 4 different designs for header, the header will be put on the top of the website. We approach several format and layout to make sure the information well received to the viewers

Here are the final web mockup that we create, you can click the link below to open the live web version