Wirausaha Mantap Sejahtera

Wirausaha Mantap Sejahtera is a solution to the financial problems of retirees.
With the WMS program, retirees can achieve independent and prosperous lives in retirement.
Client: Mandiri Taspen
Services: Illustration, Motion Graphic
Motion Graphic: Handy Mulya E
Illustrator: Aris Kurniawan
Director: Rizki Kurniawan


In the “Wirausaha Mantap Sejahtera” program, the participants are given guidance and training in the business fields of interest ranging from obtaining working capital to marketing. It is hoped that this program can become the forerunner of Entrepreneurs who create seeds of business potential for Bank Mantap retirees

We made 7 characters in total with dozen of pose. We created each character based on the description from the script and storyboard, then we develop it with the style visual. For the main character which is “Pak Budi”, we have created several clothes option based on the story.