Sunhak Peace Prize

Fight COVID and Fake News!

The Sunhak Peace Prize has held an international "Motion Graphics Competition" to raise global citizens' awareness of the global peace agenda since 2020. In 2021, they are holding a motion graphics contest under the theme of 'Global Solidarity and Cooperation to Prevent and Combat Pandemic Diseases', with the aim of overcoming the pandemic crisis through solidarity across borders.


We are eager to participate in this competition, but we only have 2 weeks to finish the project. We came up with the story to prevent the spread of COVID and tackle fake news by creating a simple yet amazing motion graphic video.

Client: Sunhak Peace Prize
Motion Graphic Designer: Handy Mulya E, Ramdani Fitrian
Illustrator: Handy Mulya E
Script Writer: Abdulazeez Jimoh
Voice Over Artist: Joelle Villafranca


138 artists (teams) from 34 countries worldwide sent artworks with the message of ‘overcoming the pandemic crisis through solidarity across borders.’ We won “Popularity Awards” and winning the $500 prize.