sustainable fashion

How fashion can damage environment

In 2022, they are holding a motion graphics contest under the theme of ‘Sustainable Living', with the aim of overcoming the climate emergency through daily life practices.


How your fashion can damage the environment. Fashion is the second-largest polluter of the planet after oil. We must rethink our purchasing habits to reduce the carbon footprint by buying preloved clothes and sustainably produced items.

Client: Sunhak Peace Prize
Motion Graphic Designer: Handy Mulya Erlangga
ILLUSTRATOR: Viktoriia Rapatska
SCRIPT WRITER: Rija Siddiqui
VOICE OVER ARTIST: Joelle Villafranca


331 teams from 68 countries participated in this competition. Our work has been selected in the top 10! Represent Indonesia! We won “Runner Up” and won the $500 prize.