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7 Tips How to Start a Career in Motion Design

Starting a career in motion design can be daunting. From preparing your portfolio and building 2d and 3d design to interviews and networking, everything can be physically taxing in this industry.

After all, motion design is a serious profession that should not be taken lightly. However, don’t fret. After all, with little preparation, you can start building your career in motion design and be successful.

With that said, here are a few tips to help you land your first gig in the motion graphic design industry.

1. Make a killer demo reel

career in motion design

This may be obvious, but many motion designers don’t succeed because of poor demo reel presentations. In this case, creating a 3-second clip of your best work can help you start your motion design career.

In fact, as a freelancer, your demo reel can serve as your portfolio. After all, this is where you will showcase your best motion designs. Moreover, it’s the first thing your potential clients will ask from you, making it essential.

With that said, it’s best to make your demo short and sweet. Moreover, make sure that it will hook your client’s attention before moving on to another applicant.

2. Inform your potential client of your relevant experiences

In this case, informing your potential client of your past experiences involves sharing with them the people you’ve worked with.

After all, whatever job application it is, employers check the relevant experience of the applicant. So, the more experienced you are, the more chances you have for getting hired.

However, this is more than securing a reference from past clients. The profession has a small community, and the reputation of the designer spreads fast. In this case, it’s also as simple as knowing if you have work with large companies.

So, if you have worked with big clients, inform your potential clients to establish trust and confidence.

3. Expand your expertise and network through collaborations

career in motion design

In a creative industry, it’s normal to have people working as a team. So, use this to your advantage. In fact, these people are collaborative and easy to work with. Additionally, you will learn a lot from this experience, and it’s one of the best ways to getting hired more often.

However, to work well with a collaborative team, always emulate a positive attitude. So, be the kind of person you would want to work with. Lastly, believe in the idea that two, three, or four persons are better than one.

4. Be adaptable to change

career in motion design

As time changes, the industry of motion design also changes. In fact, everything changes – from styles and tools to the software. So, if you genuinely want to succeed in this industry, you need to adapt to these changes and be willing to learn.

For example, if you see a new skill from an artist, ask for some tips. Whether they give illustration tips or layout tips, it’s best to listen and learn. After all, motion design has a generous community, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Moreover, consider this as continuing education. While you can learn a lot online, nothing beats learning from artists themselves. This way, you’ll get more constructive criticisms and improve your work.

5. Communicate well

Communication plays a crucial role in your career as a motion designer. After all, many of your clients probably don’t know anything about motion designs. Because of this, they want to hire someone like you, so you must know how to sell your ideas.

With that said, before looking for clients, make sure that you can communicate well in writing, verbally, and visually. Moreover, it would be best to learn how to answer feedback, make a story, or explain the process.

In this case, to effectively communicate with a non-tech-savvy person, an explainer video will help you communicate your ideas better.

6. Be passionate

Creative industries are not as easy as people think. In fact, the tasks in this industry can be challenging, especially when all the artist’s creative juices have been exhausted. So, if this happens to you, it’s best to just and try finding a way to get your mojo back.

However, if it’s the style you’re working on that makes you feel discouraged, it might be best just to change it. For example, you can try a personal animation style or use another 3D software.

On the other hand, if the client suggested the design, it might be best to tell them that they deserve the best and can’t make the design they wanted. After all, it’s better to be honest than to compromise the quality of the design.

7. Practice humility

If you want to be hireable, you need to be humble. After all, no one wants to hire someone who thinks they’re the best in the world. Instead, it’s best to showcase your best work and show appreciation and respect towards the designs of others.

In fact, if you think no one can match your skills, you will not try to learn something new. Moreover, it’s best to note that motion design evolves, so it also involves continuous learning.

So, to succeed in this field, consider setting aside your ego and continue looking for ways to improve. This is the best characteristic every motion designer should have to guarantee success.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the competition in motion design is relatively high. However, with these tips, along with patience, perseverance, and passion, landing your first gig won’t be a problem.

Moreover, it’s best to remember that you shouldn’t stop learning, and you always need to practice your skills. By doing so, you can become a killer motion designer in no time.

Good luck and have fun!